Pets on the Club Site

The problems that were experienced with dog ‘deposits’ seems to have resolved itself. Thank you all for your co-operation.

Christmas Dinner

It is worth repeating that the 2016 Christmas dinner was cancelled because nobody confirmed their interest in attending.  Hopefully we will not repeat it this year SO YOU ARE GETTING PLENTY OF WARNING. This year’s Christmas dinner is scheduled for Saturday 25th...

Discharging Bilge Water in Marina

Since the last newsletter there have been no further reports of pollution into our marina. Boat owners are asked to ensure that your craft does not discharge anything other than rainwater.  It goes without saying that if you have an automatic bilge pump fitted make...

Abandoned Trailers

There are numerous unidentified trailers on site, where we are unable to match the trailer to the owner. Please let the office know which is your trailer. Abandoned notices will be placed on unidentified trailers and those trailers will be disposed of.

Contributions to Newsletters

LEYC is your Club.  Contributions for the newsletter are always welcome and will be given due consideration. If you have any items that you feel should be brought to members attention please send to