Following our latest meeting with those involved in the RAF 100 event on Saturday 2nd June this year we have arranged the following. (Times of event will be given on letters of entry)
All members will receive a letter from the club which will give them access to the event on that day along with their party made up of their invited family and friends. All of their party must enter together and the letter must be shown tho those controlling entry on the day. There is no limit but we expect each member to use common sense in relation to the size of their party.  As they enter they will be checked off a list and car parking will be on the left, on the concrete area of the old WWII site.
Members already on site from the previous day must keep the areas clear on the lead up to the clubhouse from the gate and include the area from the clubhouse to the caravans. No parallel parking to the shore or on the gravel area between the caravans and clubhouse. Vehicles should be kept to a minimum and where possible members should share transport to the site. We cannot under any circumstances park in the areas needed for the event. It may be necessary to move boats and trailers on hard standing prior to the day of the event.
Members will be excluded from the immediate area of the clubhouse during a short period when VIPs and invited guests will be attending a reception. The clubhouse and bar will be open to members after this reception. Portable toilets will be available on site.
There will be a bar in the hangar and a hot food wagon, together with a number of displays and a play area for children. The club will share in the profits from any paid for activities.
All boat movements in and around the bay will be controlled from the day before and only members boats will be allowed on our jetties. The police will be creating a boat free area for the landing, take off and overflight displays of the airplanes involved in the event. We will also ask the police to keep our jetties free of unauthorised boats.
Because of rules around air displays, we must be off our boats at the marina for the duration of the air display, approx. 20 to 30 minutes during the event. There can be no exceptions to this and members must comply if the overflight is to proceed. Please bring your umbrellas as we cannot guarantee good weather.
The club hopes to make some money from the event and to gain considerable goodwill and positive publicity. To host this event to coincide with our 200 year anniversary will enhance our standing in the community and assist with the future planning for the clubs development. We hope our members will enjoy the day and have pride in our clubs involvement.
There may be questions you have concerning issues specific to you. The Board would ask that you email them to and we will reply asap.