Sailability – Powerablity

Sailability is the RYA’s national programme enabling people with disabilities to try sailing and take part regularly. It’s the perfect sport to feel tranquillity and freedom on the water, or progress your skills and become competitive.
Sailing is open to anyone, no matter what age or disability. You don’t need to be able-bodied, or even a strong swimmer. Powerability is a newer programme introducing participants to power boats.

We are at present in the process of finding out how potential participants and volunteers would like to get involved in 2020.

You could participate in this exercise by using the following link to participate in our questionnaire.

Sailability 2019

In 2019, as a first step in ‘L.E.Y.C. Sailability’, we held weekly sessions on a Monday, between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

Our aim for each session, was to get candidates on the water for a sail in a very safe boat, (Hansa 303) with an experienced sailing buddy in the boat.

We accepted up to eight people per two hour session, aiming to offer a minimum of half an hour on the water sailing. (Weather permitting.) We sometimes cancelled sessions by email, the evening before, if unsuitable weather was forecast.

We accepted up to 3 bookings for individual sessions, on different days, per person, at a time.

We also catered for some group sessions / activity days.

We are very much aware that the times of last years activities prevented participants and volunteers from joining us, so hope to take this into consideration in planning for 2020.